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ACTU EQ: Julie Gandelheid, our Goodwill ambassador


We are lucky to be able to count among our NACA HELMET ambassadors, Julie GANDELHEID.
Always bubbly, smiling and playful, she is passionate and in love with horses.
Julie is an elegant rider, a mother and a talented CEO. She calls for respect for horses, sportsmanship, humility, authenticity and daily safety above all.
With her unfailing determination, she represents the common values that we wish to share, the confidence and the professionalism that we seek to offer to all riders. She knew how to reform her fabulous thoroughbred with a big heart, Feu Francis, to bring him from the world of racing to eventing.

Like Julie, do you want to convert a racehorse into a sport horse?
You are off on an exciting and promising adventure. With adequate training and careful monitoring, these athletes can reinvent themselves and excel in new disciplines.
Julie and Francis are the very good example of this: a beautiful story that has required patience, reassessment and time. Julie knew how to surround herself with professionals who helped her and who knew how to “convert” Francis to his new discipline.
It was at Ecurie de la Seconde Chance (discover them HERE) that she met and chose the thoroughbred after a real crush: a unique personality, a diligent and attentive horse.
The couple is today the symbol and muse of the successful conversion of racehorses.
They can be proud of the work accomplished and do not intend to stop there. We are happy to accompany them in their adventures and to be able to equip Julie as needed!

NACA riding helmet: the choice of safety and comfort without compromise

In addition to our passion for horses, our motto is safety.
Our helmets are light and comfortable, you will forgot them. They are entirely made in France, in our workshop, in the south of France, which allows us an exhaustive control of the production but also the possibility of many customizations.

Our NACA riding helmets all have an interchangeable and removable magnetic visor: this allows them to be versatile and to change the visor according to the disciplines and wishes: for dressage and show jumping, we wear the helmet with one of our visors, for the cross, we remove the visor.

Julie chose Gravity XP Black Glow – Large visor with a special and unique customization: the text #welovefrancis on the chinstrap!
All our helmets can be customizable thanks to our configurators: just have a look HERE.

Whether it’s a competition, horsemanship work or horse riding, by wearing our helmet every day, Julie reminds riders that safety must be the number 1 priority without compromising comfort.
Much more than a rider, she highlights the passion for sport but also the culture of safety.

Thank you Julie, Francis and Marley 💗 


To follow Julie, Francis and Marley, it is through their instagram HERE

Pictures are from the talented Charlotte Laroche. Discover her great work HERE

And because the reconversion of racehorses is a subject close to our hearts, we are also partners of the Winkelbach stable: do not hesitate to follow them HERE to discover their daily work or visit their website (ecurieduwinkelbach. com).

Julie is wearing Gravity XP black glow - ©Charlotte Laroche Photographie
She customize the carbon harness with the text #welovefrancis - ©Charlotte Laroche Photographie
Julie and Feu Francis - ©Charlotte Laroche Photographie
🙌 - ©Charlotte Laroche Photographie

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